Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Say what?

Yesterday, I had a "driveway moment".   I was listening to NPR/WBEZ and this piece came on when I got into the garage and I just couldn't believe Ms. Storey could even state "A full-calorie soft drink has 90 percent water and a diet soft drink is 99 percent water. Water is the most important nutrient that we have".  Ummmm... really? You are going to imply that drinking soda is as good as drinking water?

And, in response to the question if people shouldn't be concerned about the nutritional content of soda.  Storey said "Well, I don't think it's nutritionally unsound. There are some studies that show that particularly with children, children who have been exercising may not drink enough water to get back to the hydration point that they need to be at. So with a little bit of flavoring and a little bit of sweetness, they will drink enough then to get back to where they need to be."

It's not nutritionally unsound? It is ok to replace water with soda so that children are hydrated?


ok... done with rant.  Ah, much better now.


  1. What's really silly is that the NPR felt the need to be "balanced" by hearing out the side of the industry rep who works for the lobbying association.

  2. ok, this is weird...
    I wrote a long comment on this, earlier this morning... and it didn't show up. Weird.

    Suffice it to say... I concur with Ron, it's not only silly, it is asinine that NPR bends over backwards to bring in the most extreme views.

    Also Ame, I heard Storey's BS and thought "how disingenuous!" I cannot stand corporate mouthpieces who spew total lies / misinformation / sewage. Storey's (and API's spokeswoman and the American Banking Association's talking head that 'The News Hour' brings on often) story that her industry is upstanding, good corporate citizen, beleaguered by regulations and government intervention, just trying to get their customers what they need! complete malarkey, corporate victimization. Oh Poor Babies!

  3. hm, ocean water is mostly water, too. diet ocean water, even more so.

  4. zim: with or without oil?

    JJP: I understand the need to allow both sides to speak. But, can't they find someone who doesn't talk nonsense? Honestly, I could find a lot of things to say to promote soda -- none of which would be "it's mostly water". And, I agree with you on the "poor babies". They do have a tough life... all that money and no respect.

    pyker: lobby groups. if you can't get a industry person, a CEO/CFO, then I guess your stuck with the lobbyist. What surprises me is that she was such a idiot. And, these are the people who convince our government to do wacko stuff?