Saturday, May 29, 2010

Great Find

One day while awaiting the BF's release from work  (when we use to ride share and I would finish up but could not leave the doofy 'burbs), I wandered into the local library to look at cook books.  Now, the local library has books that are outdated or whatever that they sell in a little corner for $1.00 or less.  And, wandering through the collection I found a old new york times recipe collection book that has proven to be wonderful. 

I realized while perusing this book that all the recipes called for butter and real ingredients.  Which is basically what I am looking for - old recipes - ones where people cooked real food. 

So today, the BF and I went to the local used book store and we ended up buying 3 old cookbooks.  One of the books called "The June Platt Cook Book", looks brilliant and I can't wait to cook from it.  Written in 1958, Ms. Pratt's preface is brilliant.  Here is a bit that I think aligns with what we are trying to do:  "Methods and equipment have changed considerably in the past few years; some of the changes I agree with, others I ignore.  Purchase the best ingredients - and hope you can afford them - for good olive oil, vinegar, cheese, cream, and fresh eggs make all the difference....Seek out a first-class butcher, fishmonger, green grocer....when you cook with wine, brandy, or a liqueur, use the same quality that you would serve at table." 

Another entertaining thing about this cook book is that she has a random mini history lesson just before each section.  For example, in the soup section, the preface has a bit about Louis XIV having such a fondness for soup that he required four different soups at each meal. Who knew? I guess he really liked soup.

So, if you have a local used bookstore and a bit of time,  I highly recommend looking at old used cookbooks. 

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