Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Indian Resturants and resources in Chicago

This is for the girl from World Market today.

Just know that I haven't been to a lot of Indian restaurants in a while.. so this list is based on what I recall as being good.

  • India House - 59 West Grand Avenue, Chicago - I was there a few weeks ago and the buffet was pretty good. 
  • Hema's Kitchen - 2439 W Devon Ave  - Chicago (Devon Ave) - I use to love this place but haven't been in about 7 years.  Still gets great reviews .... so, I'm thinking it's still good.
  • Udupi Palace -  2543 W. Devon Ave.  - Chicago (Devon Ave) - this is the veg. place I was telling you about  - the masala dosa's are amazing!
  • Cumin Restaurant -  1414 N. Milwaukee Ave, Chicago - it's a Indian and Nepalese restaurant.  I haven't actually been there but my boyfriend has and said good things about it. 
  • Tiffin - 2536 West Devon Avenue, Chicago - I haven't been there in a while but last time I went it was very good. 
Spice Resources: 
  • Patel Brother's - 2610 W Devon Ave, Chicago- I can only vouch for the one on Devon.  I've been to the one in Schaumburg (I think) and the product wasn't as fresh.  
  • Spice House - http://www.thespicehouse.com/ - I've only been to the one in Evanston, but I know there is one in the city. 
  • Whole foods (of course) - pricey but you can get a lot of stuff there
Cook Books / Authors: 
  • India's 500 Best Recipes - http://amzn.com/1844777510 (amazon link) - some great recipes - especially Balti (regional section that has Butter Chicken). 
  • The Best of India a cookbook (http://amzn.com/000255223X) - really simple stuff, very small book - kinda a good starter book
  • Book's by Madhur Jaffrey (the English actress I was telling you about)
  • Also - check out Chicago Public Library - they have a huge section of cookbooks and you can request some from other libraries as well. 
 Websites: honestly, I go to so many that I have no idea what to suggest.  Searching in Google for Indian recipes might help.  But, it also depends on the style your aunt (I think it was your aunt, right?) wants to eat/try.  Most people in the US eat North Indian food because most restaurants are North Indian.  Udupi is one of the few exceptions, as is Mysore Gardens (but I've never been there to say if it is good or not - also on Devon).

Good luck on your quest for Indian food... I do love the hunt for a good restaurant or recipe.

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