Monday, June 20, 2011

Crepes - Grain free - OMG good

So, I finally figured out how to make grain free crepes.  I've seen and tested out a lot of the recipes out there but nothing quite worked for me.   A few were too egg-y.  Some were too thick or oddly grain-y textured. 

So, this does taste like crepes and usually holds together well.  This is a general guideline as it depends on the cashew butter that you get.  We are very lucky in that one of our wholefoods has a nut grinder where you can grind your own nut butter.


1 cup cashew butter
1/2 cup milk
1 egg
butter or ghee for pan

Mix cashew butter, milk and egg until you have a thin batter.  You do not need to add sugar to this as the cashew provides a sweet taste - but, if you haven't lost the taste for overly sweet add some to meet your needs.  You can add cinnamon, a pinch of salt or whatever you would put in for a "regular" crepe.

Place butter in a non-stick pan (yes, it's the only time I will use a non-stick pan because even with a ton of butter a regular pan doesn't seem to work quite well).   Once pan is heated - on medium heat, place about 1/4 cup of batter into the pan.  Take the pan and give it a quick turn, to spread out the batter.  Cover it and let cook for about 2 or 3 min.  The edges should be a brown a bit, flip over (carefully!) to brown the other side.  Plate.  You can add jams or chocolate or cheese or whatever filling you want.   


  1. how many crepes does this yield, using a 8 inch omelet skillet? I am assuming whole milk, correct? or is it "one quantity per crepe"?

    Sounds yummy... I have only almond butter.. but I will hunt down some cashew butter toute suit!

  2. iirc, we get 4-5 crepes from this. it is yum!

  3. Joe - it depends on how thin you make them. My 1st one is always crap...didn't matter if I made them with wheat or this way, I think I'm doomed to the 1st one being really thick. So, we usually end up with about 5 or so crepes. You can try it with almond butter (it won't taste as crepe like but it is good) - but not roasted almond butter as that tastes like peanut butter to me. Then you end up with a peanut butter wrap. Which might taste really good with Asian food. :) I'll have to play with that to see what I come up with. Also, note that you don't have to make it pan size (so amount will vary due to that as well).