Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Sort-of Oatmeal / sort-of Porridge.....

all in all a nice, quick and tasty breakfast.   I wish I could say I thought of it but lately I've just been playing with recipe books and other peoples on-line postings. 

The coconut porridge recipe from The Wholesome Home is really good.  We used a bit more coconut and whole milk instead of coconut milk.  The BF would like some cinnamon added -- but all in all it was brilliant.  10 min (or less). 

Warm and filling before going out into the lovely winter weather we have been having.


  1. sounds yummy! Traci is a huge advocate of coconut milk - we had Thai stir fry last night consisting of coconut milk base and peanut mix, mmmmm.

  2. yum! I've been playing with coconut flour lately. i might have a good choc. chip recipe soon.

  3. Coconut flour? Where do you get that?

  4. I get mine from tropical traditions

    Bob's makes one too but I find it harder to work with -- and you can find Bob's Mill stuff at Whole Foods. of course :)