Sunday, August 1, 2010

Why? Why do food processors put sugar in everything?

So, I can no longer buy my from my favorite bacon vendor.  I am so sad.

I use to buy bacon from Wallace once a month as that was how often he came into the city.  So, last go I bought a lot of bacon not knowing that he had changed his recipe for curing bacon.  Apparently, it was a choice between nitrates and/or sugar.  I do not know why that is the choice.

But, cane sugar doesn't agree with me.  And, really, I don't want sugar in my diet from sources that do not need sugar.  I just don't get why we have to put sugar in everything! no wonder we all get fat.

Anyway, I'm now on a quest for a new bacon provider.  Sigh... more work.

I'm actually asked the BF what he thought about possibly making my own bacon. but that would definitely be more work. *grin*


  1. on the mean time... Costco (don't leap to a conclusion) has some canadian maple cured bacon that is awesome (not cane sugar). They also have some "Kirkland" (made by Hormel - which is evil, but convenient) pre-cooked bacon that is good in a pinch.

    I've eben eating it for a year, and have not seen any ill health effects. No where round here to get good, locally produced bacon, sadly.

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