Sunday, August 29, 2010

Blueberry French Toast - Gluten Free!

I found a new site that is brilliant.  The person had posted up a coconut flour based blueberry french toast that turned out SO GOOD!

Since I didn't change a thing (shocking!).

I'm just going to link to the recipe at
Grain-Free Foodies and you can just check out the rest of their stuff.

Here is also a picture that the BF took of our breakfast this morning...

Bacon is from Twin Oak Meats which is SO YUMMY.. especially when we can get their peppered bacon. OMG!  If you get a chance... it is so good! I try every week to get some at Green City Market ... if only I was a morning person!  But, sometimes - we get lucky - and get a package of the pepper bacon.  This was the regular streaky bacon - which is also good.


  1. oh man, that sounds tasty! I wish they'd delver to AZ =)
    Once the heat breaks here in September, Farmers Markets will start popping up again.

  2. Here are a few places that deliver to AZ - I haven't bought meat from them but they support one of our butter providers ( pastureland )

    Now, Mint Creek who we do buy from does deliver out there but it looks pricey.

    and I found these guys who deliver in AZ and are local to you... they even have eggs.
    although, I'm not sure how cost effective it would be.

    You should check out Eat Wild - here is their list for AZ:

    You can definitely get all the grass fed beef you want. Wow - it is quite a list! :)