Sunday, January 9, 2011

Quick links for the lady at Gene's

I was at the Gene's grocery store today to get some cream and milk, as they are one of the few that carry Kilgus dairy.   There was a nice woman in front of me who was deciding which milk to buy - whole, skim or low fat.  I was behind her, waiting and hoping really, really hard that she would not pick the very last container of whole milk.  Lucky for me...she didn't pick the whole milk!  We then got into a conversation about fat and how it's not bad for you.

And being who I am... I couldn't help myself and told her about Mark's Daily Apple and the whole paleo/primal thing.   So, I'm going to post this up for her... and hopefully it's helpful.

PaNu's getting started has a great listing on what you should or shouldn't eat and to some degree why.
Gary Taubes Blog while only has two postings takes on from his book Good Calories/Bad Calories and is a pretty easy read.  I especially like the first posting on "The insanity of over eating".
The LA times article on fat/carbs - I'm not sure I completely agree with the article but that shouldn't be a surprise to anyone who knows me. *grin*
The Gary Taubes article in Science from 2001 on "The Soft Science of Fat" - in which he shows that dietary fat hasn't been proven to make one fat.  But, the switch to a high carb diet has definitely proven to make one fat and more prone to diabetes.
Mark's Daily Apple primer has loads of info.  I like the "10 steps to primalize  your pantry" and "Why Grains Are Unhealthy". 

Mostly the info above are starting points - as are the links on the blog.  I've found from reading various sites that people tend to make primal work for them.  And, isn't that the point? :) 


  1. How very nice of you!

    I did a similar thing at the Farmer's Market on Saturday morning. An older couple, who could have been AARP members, were standing beside me at the Double Check Ranch organic grass fed beef counter and scale, wondering aloud, how much better pasture raised cattle really is. "Delicious", "Melts in your mouth", and "I will never buy feed lot meat again, this stuff is great" came out of my mouth, to which the proud rancher behind the scale said "I wish I was recording this, we've got the best customers!"

    Slowly but surely Ame, one at a time, we'll make converts. =)

  2. no new posts for almost 2 months? I hope you're well Ame...