Saturday, April 24, 2010

ok already.

Fine. I've broken down and created a blog, for the two people who will read this. And, you guys best comment at least once in a while! :)

So, that out of the way. I'm going to attempt to write down what we eat and some recipes. Over the last year, my boyfriend and I have been on a paleo/low carb eating plan. I don't want to say low carb exclusively, as we will eat fruits and chocolate. But, rarely will we eat refined sugars or processed frankenfoods - especially if we have a choice!

Over the last year we have both lost significant amount of weight. And, yes, people have noticed.

We are healthier....
I have my Tri's down to under 200, from 400+ a bit over a year ago, which being of Asian-Indian origin is huge! Apparently, Asian-Indians have a propensity for diabetes and hypertension. See
BBC and MPR (Minnesota Public Radio) articles. Both of which are indicated by high triglycerides, which of course forced us into a new eating plan.

And eating better than ever before...
Well, the BF is definitely eating better because I am a nutter for cooking something new every time.

Hence the blog. As my way of sharing some of the information and trying to keep track of all the wonderful blogs I've found, info we have gathered (anything techy/chemy is totally due to the BF), and just random thoughts on food.


  1. just 2 people?

    Frankenfoods... LOL!

    When Traci and I meet you guys for dinner in June, I want to see if you refer to each other as BF and GF... LOL!

  2. Ok… I think I’m now at 3. WhooHoo… I’m famous!

    As for BF/GF – yup, we always do. Well, I have a larger repertoire of words/names. Honey, Darling, Love of my life, Brat, Evil Man… the list is quite large. :)

    I am so looking forward to Traci’s and your visit! Let me know if there is anything special you would like me to cook.